$9.95 Lunch Special (11 am - 3 pm)

Included your choice of appetizer, soup, entree or kebab, rice pudding (choose one) 

Humus: Chick peas mashed with lemon juice and garlic flavored tahini. 

Patlican Salatasi: Mashed eggplant blended with lemon juice , a hint of garlic and herbs. 

 Soslu Patlican: Chopped eggplant, baked with olive oil and garnish with tomatoes, green papers, onions, parsley.

Haydari: Thick cream of yogurt, mix with walnuts and dill garnish with mint. 

 Spicy Ezme: Finely chopped tomatoes , onion, peppers and walnuts mixed with olive oil and fragrant herbs.

Dolmas: Grape leaves stuffed with rice, onions, pine nuts, black currants and herbs.

Kisir: Crushed wheat salad with onions, parsley, green-red peppers mix with lemon juice.

Red lentil Soup: Vegetarian soup made with pureed red lentils, blended with tomatoes, onions and Turkish spices

Soup of the Day: Ask your server for today`s special. 

        Entrees / Kebabs (Choose one) All Kebabs comes with salad and rice.

Sigara Boregi: Pan fried phyllo scrolls stuffed with feta cheese and a hint of dill. 

Mucver:Our famous pan fried pancakes made with zucchini, potatoes, parsley, dill served with homemade yogurt souce.

Lahana Dolmasi: Cabbage leaves stuffed with ground beef, rice, onions and herbs served with tomato or yogurt souce.


Shish Kebab: Marinated cubes of tender lamb grilled to perfection. 

Doner Kebab: Seasoned beef or lamb slowly cooked on a vertical skewer thinly sliced.

Kofte Kebab: Char-grilled ground lamb- beef patties seasoned with Turkish spices. 

Chicken Kebab: Cubed hand cut chicken breast marinated- grilled.

Beef Kebab: Cubed hand cut filet mignon marinated- grilled.